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Sheet music for next season, and more!

In the future, we can use the blog to post sheet music for the beginning of the season! How, might you ask? Well, we can upload the PDFs to a private server and link directly here, or we can link to a shared Google Document doc so people can print the music without having to download it or have the attachments crash their email accounts. Awesome, huh?

Also, to make sure only the people in the choir have access to things like the sheet music and line MP3s, there's a way to lock posts so that only members of the community can see them. When people request to become a member, the maintainer (in this case, me) has to approve them, so that way we can make sure who does and doesn't have access to our internal materials. For all members-only posts, there is a little lock icon next to the entry, that way members who are signed in can differentiate between what's publicly posted and what isn't.

Additionally, we can also make all comments to any post, public or members-only, subject to approval by a moderator (me, perhaps Anne, perhaps someone else). That way, no one will be able to post something on the blog until it's been approved by the appropriate moderator. See, isn't that helpful and easy?
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