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How our blog can function in regard to the website as a whole

Some of you might be asking, why does POHC need a blog? What's it going to do for us? Other than being cool as a website by itself, the blog can also be put into a website to make it super-easy to update! With the main site and its elements that don't change (mission, volunteer opportunities, general audition, etc) as a framework, we can embed the blog into an easy-to-access part of the site that automatically updates every time a new blog post is added through a nifty thing called an RSS feed.

A cool example of how it can work is on the site of one of my favorite composers, Bear McCreary. If you go to his main page, you see the main information on his site that doesn't really change all that often. But is his site out-of-date? NO!

Using his site as a framework, Bear has a blog that makes his site into a whole new thing: a conversation with his fans! Through the blog, he posts text, pictures, audio, video, and all sorts of other things. And the cool part? COMMENTS! If you look at one of his most recent posts, you can see that people can leave comments! Now, not just anyone can. If you scroll all the way to the bottom, you can see that in order to post comments on his blog, you have to be registered and approved by him. There's also a way to make all comments go through moderation, that is, they have to be approved before they are posted. That way nothing we don't want posted will get posted. Bear uses a blog through the site Wordpress, which is a blog provider just like LiveJournal here. The fundamentals are the same, and the customization choices allow for various levels of security. That way we can make sure that everything that's on the blog is representative of the choir and its mission.

All of these special features don't have to be implemented all at once or even immediately. If the blog is approved, we can keep it independent over here on LiveJournal until we decide we want to add it into the framework of the site. Just having it here as a possibility builds our internet presence, as well as can very quickly help get information, materials, and music to our members in the most efficient way possible.

As always, if you have any questions, please drop me an email. Vote yes on a POHC blog!
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